The Reprover

A force between you and temptation

Paris, 1984. Gildas is a reprover, a professional hired by his patients to follow them wherever they go and silently condemn their behavior. Called for help by Magali, unable to resist compulsive shopping and French pastries on her own, he starts to fall in love with the young woman, breaking every rule….

A digital graphic novel, an interactive story mixing illustrations, videos, literature, and an amazing 3D map.

Originally published in 2008, The Reprover is now available online, re-made from the original material.

The reprover speaks.

Original video trailers

The Reprovers, who are they?
Conceptual entertainment.
How does it work?
Dive into the eighties.
The narrator.
François Coulon wrote and directed The Reprover, Hélène Moreau painted the illustrations, Marius de Fugulely played the role of the reprover, Sébastien Garnier played the guitar and came up with some ideas, Emmanuelle Monteil created some of the costumes, Hervé Zénouda played and recorded percussion, Sandra Reid translated the texts into English, the Société Civile des Auteurs Multimédia paid some bills.

Reviews & blurbs

A delightful work, very traditional, technically exemplary… [Coulon’s] collaboration obviously is of a quality that we rarely see in new media.

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Claudia Cragg

It is considerably more coherent and satisfying than most literary hypertexts I have encountered before… The Reprover has superb production values…
Emily Short

As a multimedia extravaganza it’s excellent — it’s an elegant combination of modelling, text, graphics, video, and sound in an interactive and original way.
Dan Shiovitz

IF Stuff

I was very impressed by its scope and complexity, and by its innovative use of mixed media. It is an ambitious project with some subtle humor and some truly avant-garde approaches toward digital fiction.
Alan Bigelow

A nonlinear French polyhedral parable of secular morality… A curious tale told with some style… Anyone interested in digital fiction and the graphic novel will find this rather refreshing in its abandonment of the conventions of graphic novel stories.
Jim Andrews

A great project, a time-sucking one, a story with so many playlike options that you can find yourself suddenly killing an entire afternoon with it.
Jason Pettus

Chicago Center for Literature and Photography

One of the most accomplished and approachable works of hyperliterature to have been produced to date.
Edward Picot

The Hyperliterature Exchange

It might not quite qualify as a game, but whatever it is, [The Reprover] stands at the edge of game-ness, and offers us an intriguing and novel example of how interactive story can be done.

Play This Thing

The Reprover is an innovative and creative work! [You] had great sensibility in dealing with the nuances of several human temptations and inner conflicts, which makes us think and reflect about the borders between rules, ethics and freedom. The mix of illustration and footage in a hypertextual way supported by the 3D navigation tool provide an exciting language to explore. It is a really worthy experience.
Martha Gabriel

This is a great project!… This kind of fiction brings a change in the reading experience. I also like the fact that there’s almost no need for explanation: I perfectly know what to do, where to click. I even have fun switching from French to English.
Aya Karpinska

A hugely impressive work of digital fiction… The Reprover is a wonderful creation.
Chris Meade

Institute for the Future of the Book

An excellent example of complementary form and content. It’s also an excellent demonstration of how much multimedia can add to a piece without necessarily undermining the primacy of text.
Sam Kabo Ashwell


What a unique and quirky experience you’ve created! The illustrations, video, text, and music are each well-done and interesting to explore of their own merits, but the way they are combined and linked, the concepts and satire underlying them, and the way each can be interacted with in different ways, makes the experience of playing not just interesting but fun… The Reprover lasts just long enough that this sense of exploration and discovery remains through the whole piece.
Aaron A. Reed

I especially like the great sense of humor that pervades this. The actor/video pieces are delightful, fantastic! I found the navigation to be eccentric but oddly compelling, as I clicked around on the text and visuals. Finally, I’m impressed with the high production values of the whole piece.
Richard Holeton

Stanford University

I love the idea of grabbing a 3D object to jump around in the story – you’ve taken a big leap from the page-turning paradigm.
Benton C Bainbridge


François Coulon
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